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65 and over, The leading newspaper of the senior segment in Spain has celebrated this Tuesday, September 20, with Iberdrola Boost (@iberdrola) and the support of the Spanish Olympic Committee (@COE_en), entitled to a seat ‘Women and Sports: Values ​​of Senior Talent’, An intergenerational discussion in which four athletes discuss the progress and current state of women’s sport and analyze the path of elite athletes from their beginnings to their lives outside competitions.

The event organized at the COE headquarters had outstanding interventions Fernando Onega, 65 President of the Editorial Committee of YMÁS; David Grace, Global Director of Marketing and Digitization of Iberdrola; and Jose Manuel Franco, Secretary of State for Sports and President of the Higher Sports Council. for its part, Alexander White, The President of the COE is in charge of closing the Act.

Fernando Onega During his speech, he highlighted the progress made in “equality” in the world of sports over the last 40 years. “Here we have a sample of proud professionals, who compete, who succeed beyond borders”, he indicated.

In addition, asked to work for the journalist and president of the editorial committee of 65YMÁS Avoid insecurity Which generates retirement among sports professionals. “When athletes, especially women, retire, a dramatic question arises: Is it worth all the effort if it doesn’t guarantee a safe maturity?” he asked.

for its part, David Grace, Iberdrola’s Global Director of Marketing and Digitization, Emphasizes the importance of giving visibility to women’s sports, which is one of Iberdrola’s main objectives. “We participate in more than 100 women’s pageants and we have prominent ambassadors like some of you,” she listed.

Thus, it went forward, the company will remain committed to women’s sports for the future. “We are proud and we will stay here,” has progressed.

Similarly, Gracia has shown the importance of “Women and sports must get more media”. and taking seriously the “reconciliation between sport, professional and family activities”.

while, Jose Manuel Franco Highlighted the need to work for real equality. “Athletes, who are the leaders of our sport, have grown up without complete equality of opportunity. Now, we find ourselves in an era of evolution, recognition and change”, she pointed out. “We are sure that progressing in terms of equality in the field of sports will later integrate into the rest of society,” he added. “A more egalitarian society is fairer and happier, that’s why we all have to work on this path”, he pointed out.

At the conclusion of the program, Alexander White, The President of the COE underlined “how important it is to always remember where we came from in order to know how far we want to go”.

“Following the example of those who paved the way is essential to continue reaping successes. And here today we have four great athletes from different generations who are authentic references. Thank you to those who broke all the barriers that stood in front of them and for that. Thank you. Follow in his footsteps to continue to be at the top of the Spanish game. It is a matter of pride to be you”, he assured. “We are living the best moments of women’s sport, But everything is the result of a path”, he added.

Intergenerational discussion

Diana Box (@box_diana), Olympic medalist, Vice President of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation and President of the Handball Players Association; Theresa Portella (@terriportella), a canoeist with over 15 medals to his name, two-time world champion and Olympic runner-up in Tokyo; Loida Zabala (@LoidaZabala), adapted weightlifting, diploma and Spanish record in the 52 kg bodyweight category at the Paralympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016; and Teresa Diaz (@teresxdixz), fencer of the national women’s foil team, ranked number one in the national foil category; They discussed the progress made by women in sports and the importance of promoting values ​​such as persistence, perseverance, effort, teamwork and humility.

The discussion was moderated by a reporter Monica Marchant (@m_marchante), four athletes agree to highlight the great moment women’s sport is experiencing, although there is still a long way to go, and how the sport practiced by women is becoming professional.

Diana Box highlighted the evolution of the women’s game in recent years, but pointed out that there was still “a lot” to be done, although “we are on the right track.” Of course, the athlete recalled that “women always sport, But we haven’t seen them before.

In addition, Box has asked that his future be guaranteed when he finishes his career. “They should have something safe when they retire,” he claimed.

Theresa Portella, A full-time sports mom, she explained that she combined both jobs, not without difficulty, but affirmed that after motherhood “you can continue with sports” and that doing so is a “breakthrough”. down barriers”.

Similarly, Portella asserts the importance of the visibility of women’s sport, as it is an element. “A must for those who come after”. “Today it’s common for girls to have female canoeists,” she said.

when Loida Zabala, an example of self-improvement, argues that “much remains to be done so that there is equality between Olympians and Paralympians” and between male and female athletes. “It is very important to consider what things can be changed so that there is equality”, he pointed out, values ​​that he has defended from his foundation.

Finally, the youngest of the athletes gathered by the 65YMÁS newspaper, Theresa Diaz While developing his professional career highlighted the importance of “having references”, however, in the case of his discipline, fencing, he did not have it easy, because “there is no team after the 1992 Olympics” .

“I think it’s important to hear the experiences and paths of women who continue to fight. It is important for future generations”, he valued.

Now, he clarified, there is still a way to go from today “if you ask people about the context of certain sports, women who come out, are in third place”. “You have to work on that visibility to make the women’s game professional”, have asked

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