We must recognize the double day of women and eliminate it: Velasco

ยท Women do at least 2.5 times more housework and care work than men.

The shared responsibility between men and women is not only in the education and development of children, but also in housework, declared Senator Manuel Velasco Coelho of the Green Party, who presented an initiative that seeks to promote education, through education. Given that women currently work double shifts, the importance of supporting household chores equally.

According to United Nations (UN) Women, women in unpaid work take on at least 2.5 times more housework and care than men.

Unfortunately, she pointed out that the lack of domestic work dimension, which is not paid, makes double activity invisible and creates discrimination and inequality, to the extent that women must claim their rights in court.

He mentioned that some of the matters heard before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) resulted in a series of family problems resulting in double working day, lack of shared responsibility and constant quest to apply the norm with a gender perspective. .

For this reason, he argued that including household chores in educational programs would make the cleaning and caregiving activities of the family visible; which has economic value and requires family support to avoid overloading one family member; It will encourage future generations to empathize with the stress and fatigue generated by the double working day; It emphasizes equality between women and men, in addition to eliminating stereotypical perceptions, and that domestic and caring work is not exclusively assigned to women.

In 2020, INEGI explained that the economic value of domestic and care work carried out by the population aged 12 years and above represented an amount of 6.4 billion pesos, equivalent to 27.6% of the country’s GDP. Out of this amount, the Women contributed 73.3%, While men did so with 26.7%, that is, women contributed 2.7 times more financially than men..

“Today we can say that significant progress has been made appreciating the greater invasion of women in decision-making and it is increasingly common to see egalitarian actions. However, we must continue to move forward to disrupt the reflection on daily activities within the home, as social labor changes. which has been generated in recent decades,” he concluded.

Check out the initiative here. https://infosen.senado.gob.mx/sgsp/gaceta/65/2/2022-09-20-1/assets/documentos/Inic_PVEM_Sen_Manuel_Velasco_art_45_libre_violencia.pdf

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