What do we know about the act in which veiled women participated in Barcelona? Maldita.E.S

In the last days they circulate Various materials Those who confirm that a “demonstration” that seeks to “normalize” the use of the hijab will be held in Barcelona, ​​in Sant Antoni Square. This photograph was taken during First meeting of women of Saint Anthony According to the Barcelona City Council website, organized by various women’s groups, the event drew criticism for the dress, arguing that Reflects “patriarchal mentality”. Since then cursed.es We tell you what we know.

An act that criticized the hijab as a “way to control women”.

The broadcasted content shares an image with many people wearing it and participating in the event Various garments such as hijab, niqab or veil, Next to Messages “As Exposure to the Islamic Veil […] European feminists organize events to promote and normalize inappropriate and provocative elements.

Meanwhile, the photograph was taken This First meeting of women of Saint Anthony, As you can verify when comparing snapshots Along with other videos and images from the event spread on social networks, And El Pace is able to verify.

The event was organized by various women’s groups with the support of the Barcelona City Council In the program published on its website. Among its programming is an event organized by the Association of Pakistani Women (ACESOP). Called “Know the History of Hijab”. Since then cursed.es We have not been able to access the content of this act, and we have not been able to verify whether it was intended to position itself on the use of this garment.

Despite the fact that the attendees of the event initially wore these garments, in the last moments of the act a speaker took off the element and, when some viewers asked, created Criticism against this garment. “Any woman who wears the hijab will say that she wears it of her own free will. Is it a matter of religion? No. Culture? No. It’s a patriarchal mindset, a way to control women”, he argued, in a video of the incident. can be seen.

Other organizations such as Feministes de Catalunya report that the event was aimed at create performance Condemning the veil and the imposition of the veilRegarding the case of Masha Amini. A 22-year-old girl who died on September 17 after being arrested by police for not wearing a veil properly, and whose death sparked protests in Iran.

the country also gave an account of the nature of the act, and confirmed that the Barcelona City Council itself detailed that the event It does not reproduce alleged messages spread on social networks. According to the portal, different types of burqas were described at the event and later one of the speakers took off these garments to reveal her hair.

El Pais also collects the statements of Rocío Villaro, a feminist member of the Sant Antoni Neighborhood Association, who affirms that “in our neighborhood there are neighbors of many nationalities and we have given them space to explain their struggles to us”, and asserts that ” such videos There are also places where burkhas and veils are described in which tweeters unabashedly assert that the use of burqas is being supported”. “They’ve used feminism to spin it and lie.”Villaro ends in statements to El Pace.

From Maldita.es we contacted the Barcelona City Council, who referred us to a publication made by El País. We have also tried contacting ACESOP, currently no response.

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