Why is September 20 celebrated?

Certainly, as has been mentioned, it was established on September 20 with the aim of being the “first” to receive spring, the season. “Loveliest of the Year”which starts the next day.

A scientific argument about spring and love

The argument is that “Love Blooms”But science also supports the argument, arguing that “warm weather, the flowers and perfumes that spring brings, induce a state of love”.

“People are in a better mood, with a greater desire to go out and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, the landscapes that come with spring make different places more attractive,” he pointed out.

It is added that Dopamine It’s a natural chemical that our brain uses to make us want certain things, and while other systems are involved in the experience of love, dopamine is the main reason.

“The more dopamine we have in our system, the more likely we are to fall in love,” he hypothesized.

What does this substance produce? It makes people feel more energetic, more motivated and willing to take certain risks that would not be taken in other situations.

A bride has her special day

It should be noted that Virgo, for her part, has her day: it is the first Sunday in April. This day is dedicated to women who are in perfect marriage, but especially Those who are going to get married. That is, strictly speaking, boyfriend status refers to a person who is in the process of getting married, although over time it became more flexible to a stable relationship between two people who love each other.

Killer phrases for boyfriends day

1. “I love both your absence and your presence, because your absence forces me to remember how indispensable you are to me, and your presence confirms it.” Yvonne Yenera.

2. “You are the most beautiful coincidence that heaven has brought me.” Alejandro Sanz.

3. “And I singled you out from all the women in the universe, because you had the most beautiful eyes in the world and because your eyes contained the most beautiful world.” Ernesto Perez Vallejo.

4. “We walked without finding each other but knowing we were walking to find each other.” Julio Cortazar.

5. “I know I’ll love you without questions, I know you’ll love me without answers.” Mario Benedetti.

6. “Love is a crime that cannot be committed without a partner.” Charles Baudelaire.

7. “Love is a condition in which people often see things as they are not.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

8. “Love has no free will, no one can decide who they fall in love with.” Alexander Dolin.

9. “Love is an ecstasy, because it takes us out of ourselves.” Miguel de Unamuno.

10. “A woman was not born to understand, but to love.” Federico Garcia Lorca.

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