Women in the world are paid 20% less than men

AndIn the world, women do the same worked The International Labor Organization (ILO) reported on Monday that men earn 20 percent less on average.

This International Equal Pay Day is alerted to recognize reasons And ask for greater transparency in measures to equalize wages between workers of both sexes.

Correction of this inequality It is required by the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC). The movement is led by the ILO, UN Women and partners.

For UN agencies, the basic factors in the pay gap between men and women doing the same job are viz Education Safar, The skills and experience. But most of the problem is due to gender based discrimination.

Besides, women are also the most affected by the epidemic Covid19. In many cases, job losses for them threaten to reverse decades of progress Sexual equality.

Men, women and pay equality

A new ILO study: “Pay Transparency Law: Implications for Workers and Employees’ Organizations” shows that pay transparency measures can help address this problem. the distance in payment of Men and women and reduce inequalities in the market.

This employees They will be able to negotiate better and employers will have a way to identify and respond to discrimination that ultimately negatively affects their own companies and prestige

The study also provides a detailed mapping of existing legislation equal pay Discusses arguments for and against the measure across countries.

The role of employers’ and workers’ organizations and findings from partner online surveys help better understand patterns of elimination. inequality

A lot of things countries They report on the steps they are taking to achieve equal pay for men and women.

ILO research confirms that bringing about active social participation is key Required results and eliminate wage discrimination in the market. N

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