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The decision of Chilean President Gabriel Boric not to accept the credentials of the new Zionist ambassador to Chile, is an act and a decision that deserves applause and the determined support of all who see, in the Israeli infanticide regime. A threat to humanity.

Because we must also work to provide continued support against attacks from various angles, such as Chile’s far-right Creole Zionism, mandated by Tel Aviv and general progressive opportunists. What Gabriel Boric is is a bold move especially in a country whose presidents (a) have little or no support for the cause of the Palestinian people. A necessary gesture, a true demand that manifests principles.

Dear reader, I invite you to imagine the following situation. For 74 years, an occupation and colonial institution that does not belong to a territory, kills its inhabitants without any distinction of age or gender. It expels its inhabitants, creating new centers under the rubble of Palestinian villages and towns. He places his boots on the bones of thousands of men and women murdered by an ideology born in Europe, to consider himself part of the chosen people and to whom the land was promised by God, apparently the owner of the land.

Zionist soldiers and their enemies.

Imagine the organization demolishing the homes of Palestinian families, robbing them of their agricultural resources, water bodies, preventing their mobility. Imagine special roads for foreign settlers, who settle in Palestinian territory against international law. A regime that detains thousands of men and women who demand respect for their rights, an end to restrictions on the free exercise of their faith and, above all, an end to the apartheid regime. Isn’t that perhaps an institution to which the United Nations Charter should apply for crimes against humanity? Is it not perhaps a system in which Chapter VII of the UN Charter should be invoked because it is a permanent threat to peace?

That regime, believing that criminal impunity has no break, has decided to present the credentials of a new ambassador to Chile. To do this, he directs his steps towards the presidential palace, just hours after 17-year-old Uday Salah was shot dead in the head in the West Bank city of Kafr Dan near Jenin – as usual in a chronic killing exercise.

It is unacceptable to hold a protocol ceremony with a representative of a regime that despises the lives of the Palestinian people. Later it is unthinkable to be photographed smiling in front of a person representing an Israeli entity in Chile. He is mocking the drama, suffering and process of occupation and colonialism that Palestine has endured since 1948 until today, the year the Israeli entity was born.

Much shouting by the same people who keep silent when Zionism is killed. They raise their voices and shout from the rooftops that Boric’s decision – not to receive an ambassador – is a crime. International protocol has been violated. It will create a diplomatic crisis. This is a stain on the 70-year relationship between Chile and the Zionists. From the cast, from the Zionist community, from El Mercurio and its analysts, from the Golden Calf worshipers, from the liberals, many lost in satisfying the customers. Is that an insult? Yes, of course! But the humiliation is continuing relations with an entity that makes the killing of Palestinian men, women and children part of its policy of domination.

What are being violated are the rights of the Palestinian people, not protocols that only serve to tinsel government-to-government relations, sweep crimes under rugs and carouse into a well-watered embassy welcome. Whenever we accept that impunity prevails we must promote a diplomatic crisis. And, in the face of so much pro-Zionist rhetoric, the best thing to do is shut up the bile of the many servants of the Israeli infanticide entity.

The decision of the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, not to accept the credentials of Gil Artzeli, catalyzed the operation of the Israeli media, starting to appear in interviews where he regretted the decision of the Chilean government with the classic victim, which was taken from the hasbara drawers ” I was called. Minister and Foreign Deputy Director of Affairs. We had a more than an hour-long meeting in which he repeatedly apologized to me and the State of Israel, and we turned a new page. Information gathered by this historian indicates that the diplomat was in no way able to apologize to his government.” It was not a very comfortable event for me – said Artzeilide – but being an Israeli and a Jew my people have been through bad things lately. Four thousand years and we are going to overcome this event for the good of Chile and for the good of Israel and for our bilateral relations.”

How long will we accept that those who present themselves as perpetual historical victims, today turned into victims of the Palestinian people, profit from that history?

The positive decision of the Chilean ruler awakened the Zionist demons, who launched a fierce campaign of defamation and attacks led by the Chilean Zionist community and its leaders, where insulting songs were released from the ex-president’s trills. This entity and an accredited Israeli lobbyist in Chile, lawyer Gabriel Zaliasnik.

Lawyers who have client characters such as accused in various crime cases related to irregular financing of politics. Lawyer of Soquimitch. Defender of UDI leaders in the so-called Spiniak case. Legal support for former senator Jaime Orpis linked to acts of corruption with fishing companies. The legal defense in the extradition process of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori is accused of crimes against humanity. This Zaliasnik rolls his eyes and closes his mouth when his motherland kills, shoots and bombs these kinds of children last August.

Remember these faces, Mr. Zaliasnik.

A Zaliasnik, always careful to defend the most odious causes, including the Zionist, which is one of its banners, and it makes us wonder why there is such a close defense of a regime qualified as a criminal by the resolutions of the United Nations Organization, UNICEF. ? UNESCO, UN Human Rights Council, among others.

Is Israel, Zaliasnik, Gorodisher, Isakson, Hits, Silber, Hinzpeter and other surnames of the Chilean Zionist community their second homeland? An institution to which you are even able to send your sons and daughters to complete compulsory military service? Can a person, without showing this obvious and emotional hypocrisy, be two masters?

It is not possible to support an entity like Israel, which has failed to comply with dozens of UN resolutions calling for an end to occupation with settlement building. This action is an important point of reference as to what should be the relationship with the Israeli regime, not only in terms of recognizing or not recognizing this Mr. acting as a public official of Zionism with the position of ambassador, but in relation to the demand. International examples, with resolutions leading to the full observance of the rights of the Palestinian people and the end of Zionist occupation and colonization.

It allows us to think that it is also necessary to clarify the military agreements signed with Israel, technical issues and those that serve to wash the image of this entity of apartheid and extermination of the Palestinian people. For example, signatories with companies supplying war and oppressive materials involved in the so-called case of duplicate invoices, also known as “Millicogate”.

A process of corruption in which the FAMAE company was used by the Army as an intermediary for military purchases, taking advantage of the fact that this state company allowed management with fewer administrative controls. $200 million included where Israeli companies Elbit Systems Land and Israel’s C4 Tadiran appear with $22 million, and Israeli arms company Rafale Advanced Defense System with $19 million. (1)

Contrast that with what is maintained by Zionist Chilean settlers who usurp territories in occupied historic Palestine. El Mercurio, Coryfios and defender of the Israeli criminal regime, the decision of the President of Chile is not serious: it is an expected, justified, necessary decision. It is morally necessary. That is, neither more nor less, what needs to be done. This is a logical decision against a regime that kills men, women and children on a daily basis. An entity that violates the human rights of millions of people who occupy and colonize their territory.

Since 2000 alone, the Israeli army and settlers have killed 2,100 boys and girls under the age of 16. There are 5,500 permanently kidnapped Palestinians in Zionist prisons. A regime like Israel that has violated all UN resolutions to stop its crimes and violations. This is by no means serious, as is expected of all countries and their leaders who are not blackmailed by Zionism: do not give carte blanche to any official of the occupying body for being an ambassador.

The Chilean government must stand firm against the crazy Zionist reaction that already threatens the right and the left. It is noted that Israel’s Foreign Ministry reported that the Chilean ambassador to that country was summoned “for a reprimanding conversation”. What will they do, will they kill the Chilean ambassador? Would they drive him out of the country and loot his house or perhaps demolish it? Will they prevent it from passing through Palestine? (two)

The murdered young Palestinian, who decided not to accept the just decision of the President of Chile that Thursday, September 15, has the name, surname in the identity card of the Zionist representative and lived in his native village, which was subjected to constant attacks by the Zionist occupation forces. . Uday Salah, 17, was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers in the town of Kafr Dan near Jenin.

The decision of the President of Chile, considering the rise, but also for the journalist Shirim Abu Akleh, who was murdered a few weeks ago, and for the 73 Palestinian prisoners who have been killed in Israeli prisons since 1967 due to lack of medical care. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed since the intifada from 1988 to date. Those who are detained, tortured, martyred. Five thousand Palestinian hostages including 220 children under the age of 16 and 40 imprisoned women. 20 percent of hostages under administrative detention. Euphemism, keeping them in dungeons for long years without filing charges or prosecuting them.

Remember this face Mr. Zaliasnik. Uday Traad Salah.

Since April of this year, the number of Palestinians killed – men, women and children – is more than 300, especially in the occupied West Bank towns of Jenin and Nablus, as well as in the blockaded Gaza Strip – the attacks of the armed forces are concentrated there in the Israeli occupation. An average of two daily deaths until September 16, 2022. The Chilean president’s decision also glorifies thousands of deaths in Gaza, Al Quds, Bethlehem, Al Jalil. It is the first, firm, powerful step that must be reinforced with other steps.

Indeed, it is a clear signal, so effective that it raised the opposition of the Zionist community in Chile, which is powerful, has economic and media power, which brings out all its influence with parliamentarians, media and institutions. Questioning President Borik’s decision. And such a decision must weigh heavily in the face of the Palestinian community, which devotes efforts to condemning Israel’s crimes and demands that gestures be made that allow the criminal behavior of the Zionist governments to become more visible.

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(two) https://radio.uchile.cl/2022/09/16/gobierno-de-israel-warns-chile-que-impasse-with-ambassador-seriously-damages-relations/

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